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Freelancer & Residency Visa Setup

Business License Dubai offers you visa services in UAE including Freelancer and Residency

Visa Setup. We will help you starting from the documentation process to submitting your application to the authority to be processed.

Freelancer Visa

If you are on your parents’ or spouse’s visa, you can apply for a freelance visa to work as a freelancer. The freelance permit in Dubai allows you to work for yourself as an independent contractor. If you are pursuing professions like acting, advertising, customer service, you are eligible to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai.

Benefits of having a freelance permit:
 You can work for multiple companies
 You can offer your services at a lower price since the visa is relatively cheap
 Sponsor family members to come and live with you in UAE


Residency Visa

Unlike how a freelancer visa works, a residency permit is suitable for you when you are not sponsored by your parents or spouse but you want to live and work in an emirate.


This visa is required for foreign people moving to UAE as it is needed to open a bank account, apply for a driving license, and many others. Moreover, it has to be renewed every three years.
Benefits of residency visa:

 You will get tax-advantageous
 You can buy property, get a driving license
 Access public services like hospitals and schools
 You can set up and run a company

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